About ProfilerX

illuria’s ProfilerX is an Active Deception Solution. It utilizes “Decoys & Lures” to break the attackers’ decision cycle, forcing them to reveal themselves by accurately detecting, systematically deceiving, and actively deterring attacks.

ProfilerX enables organizations to accelerate time to detection and response towards attacks with holistic visibility and actionable threat intelligence.

ProfilerX creates a virtual minefield inside the network by deploying ubiquitous decoys (traps) which imitate your true assets and attaching lures which point to said decoys.

When malicious actors penetrate a network, they start with reconnaissance and information gathering to identify network assets and move laterally to find high-value targets. ProfilerX’s traps detect and defeat the attacker at their earliest stages by creating a tempting environment.

Attack Cycle

Every step they take they are faced with decoy assets and breadcrumbs that lure the attackers to the trap. Before the attacker had to be correct once to penetrate your system, where security operators had to be correct all the time. Now with illuria’s Active Deception, we are bringing back the symmetry by forcing the attacker to be correct all the time.