The Dashboard page contains a comprehensive summary of the phorensics generated by ProfilerX:

1. Deception Campaign Overview (top left)

Shows the number of hosts, decoys, services and lures that have been deployed, which gives a general information about the use of deception components in your campaign.

2. Timeframe filter & Alert Count (1st row, 2nd box from left)

This section gives you the ability to filter and choose the time frame (last 1 week, last 2 weeks, law 1 month, last 3 month) of the data presented in the dashboard, enabling you to have an overview of the events and activities for selected time time slot. In addition to it contains number of alerts classified by severity(high, medium, low)

3. ProfilerX deployment version & update status

It shows the current deployed version of ProfilerX and a button that turns green when an update is available.

4. Attack Phases pie chart

The pie chart segments represent the 5 main stages of an attack (reconnaissance, lateral movement, access, execution and command & control) with different colors showing the count of each one of these classes. It also contains the total number of events triggered to give an overview of types of attacks are being detected and their stages.

5. Event Timeline

A time series chart where x-axis is time and y-axis is the number of events, where the area graph is divided into 3 layers according to the severity(high, medium, low). This helps the user to understand the volume of the attack over time.

6. Top Alerts

This section shows the latest 5 events detected by ProfilerX.

7. Top 5 decoys Interactions

A bar chart that shows the top 5 decoys that interacted based on the number on the count of number of events for each decoy. This gives a brief overview of the top decoys that have activity the most.

8. Top 5 Attackers IP addresses

A bar chart that shows the top 5 IP addresses(attackers) that recorded the most activity.